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Anyone love baseball as much as Stetson’s daddy? After his session I think I love it too! Stetson sleeping so peacefully was all cuddles and picture perfect during his entire shoot. He was delightful to have in the studio 🙂

Yeehaw! Ferris says “howdy,” he made THE cutest cowboy, all he’s missing is a rope and a horse! Those back rolls are just perfect! I’m sure everyone agrees that yellow is his color, he MAKES the color!

Grinning babies are my favorite! What’s sweeter than a smile while awake? It is most definitely a smile mid-dream. Ella made me work at 22 days old, but her gallery is just as lovely as her darling face.

Introducing Collins at ten days old. First off, doesn’t she look gorgeous in turquoises and second, don’t you love her name? Couldn’t get enough of her, she was such a breeze to photograph! Mommy and Daddy need to bring her back for her 6 month milestone