Colleyville Photographer

What’s the right age of photographing the newborn? To be honest, this is possibly one of the most frequently asked questions, asked by parents and photographers alike.  As the Colleyville Photographer, I have been in this trade for years and although earlier I used to photograph 6 weeks old newborn, these days it appears that the newborns seem to be framed the minute they come from the Hospital. After all it’s all about treasuring all those priceless moments and there’s no point in missing one bit even!

For the newborn sessions aside from your home and backyard, an outdoor location also works well. The beach, a friend’s farm, an urban street and even graffitied building can turn into a magical backdrop. Ask me, often times the best family photographs come from these unconventional settings. I am a Colleyville Photographer and I travel everywhere within the region and I would be happy to help you in choosing a location that gels well with your family’s personality.