Monthly Archives: January 2013

This is newborn baby girl Hailey! She was a very sleepy and also a very squishy (I love squishy) baby girl for me! She did so well for the camera! She let me play for quite a while before waking up, but she finally stood her ground and let me know when enough pictures was […]

Newborn baby girl Syenna was such a good sleeper!! We did her session in record time!! Not quite two hours and she was all done and ready to go!! She such a tiny baby girl and she was super sweet!! Congratulations Mommy & Daddy. She is beautiful!!  

Baby boy Ethan Michael arrived for his newborn photos wide eyed! I thought uh-oh, but once he was fed he crashed hard for a little while. I say for a little while because while I was able to do the first half of  his session fairly quickly he decided he wanted to wake up and […]

I’ve had some really challenging newborn baby girls lately, but Bailey was just as precious as she was sleepy and was a dream to photograph! Bailey got her belly full and slept through her entire session! She is a beautiful baby girl and has the most beautiful head of hair! Here are a few of […]

What’s better than one newborn baby? Yep.. Two and if you’re lucky enough to have the blessing of a newborn baby boy and a newborn baby girl then you’re lucky enough!! This adorable duo Nestor & Natalee let me have it! Well baby girl Natalee was a great sleeper, but Nestor on the other hand was […]